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Shifting Your Google Shopping Budget to Marketplaces

We analyze a lot of online retail businesses. We work with 30 new retail businesses a year, have 20-30 ongoing retail businesses that we perform marketing and consulting for and we talk to another 100 retail businesses a year that … Continue Reading

Instagram Advertising is Starting to Be Effective for an ROI

It’s tough to stay on top of social ad trends, especially when it comes to social ads. There is a lot of noise about new ad products, new features within platforms and it’s tough to know what is actually working … Continue Reading

Uncovering Revenue Opportunities for Ecommerce Retailers: How to quickly assess analytics to identify new strategies and tactics

This post uncovers how I think about any retail business to uncover immediate revenue growth opportunities. I’ve found over the past 13 years that most of our competitors are just not great at the basics, or they are great in … Continue Reading