Mobile Opportunities for Retailers in 2015

Many retailers have a difficult time prioritizing mobile within their company roadmap.  Even the largest retailers are moving slowly to adapt responsive websites and multi-device a/b testing.  Mobile can be one of those those challenges that is just overwhelming and … Continue Reading

The Secret To More Search Advertising Revenue (Hint: It’s Bing Ads!)

Our clients are always looking for an edge in paid media. For the most part, Google Adwords is a break even channel for most ecommerce retailers at best. As competition rises in many ecommerce categories costs-per-click are rising driving up … Continue Reading

Facebook as an Ecommerce Traffic Channel

Facebook is a Channel That Can be Effective For Retailers According to, Social media now drives 31.24% of overall traffic to sites. More surprisingly, Facebook alone made up nearly one-quarter of the total visits publishers received in December 2014. … Continue Reading

How Shifting Your Culture Can Transform Your SEO

It’s official, the phrase SEO has now reached a point where I cringe a little when I hear it.  Agencies still sling it and bill for it and freelancers still try to sell link building for it.  The reality is … Continue Reading

Holiday Season Strategies to Drive Customer Loyalty

The holiday season is always a great opportunity to acquire new customers that will buy from you throughout the upcoming year.  It’s the season of little tire kicking and lots of buying.  HOWEVER, customer expectations are also at an all time … Continue Reading