New Payment Methods for B2B E-commerce

The rapid growth in e-commerce has seen the rise of new technologies. Business-to-Business e-commerce or B2B is one of the hottest trends in digital growth. These days many companies are opting to integrate b2b e-commerce strategies into their sales, marketing … Continue Reading

Key Questions to Ask a Web Development Agency Before Hiring

Ask about their company and the services that they offer. First and foremost, this is the most important information that you should be familiar with before you hire someone. While you may know the basics of this web design company, … Continue Reading

Freelance Independence with AND.CO

Subscribe on iTunes — Subscribe on Android — Subscribe on Stitcher In today’s podcast we are joined by cofounder of AND.CO, Lief Abraham. AND CO started a year and a half ago, the company focuses primarily on  small businesses without payroll—whether … Continue Reading

Top Recommendations for Ecommerce Merchandising

Ecommerce merchandising is the art of the way you display your company’s products or offers on to your website with the goal of increasing sales. Here are our top considerations and recommendations for on-site ecommerce merchandising your products: 1. Have … Continue Reading

Reviews Strategy for Ecommerce

Before making a purchase, over half the amount of your customers will read and look for reviews on whatever product they may be considering to purchase. This said, it is now essential for ecommerce sites to have reviews in order … Continue Reading

Key Analytics in Google Analytics for Ecommerce Retailers

    Identifying the key analytics that Google Analytics provides you with is necessary. Zoning in on the tools that will give you the most insight on what is working for you and your business and recognizing what is not … Continue Reading

Product Detail Page User Experience Recommendations

Having a great product page will seriously up your conversion rate your sales.Here are some key elements that we suggest including on your product page:Having a great product page will seriously up your conversion rate your sales.Here are some key … Continue Reading

Using Templates to get to Market Quickly

Templates are pre-made websites with different page layouts that are already configured. With pre-made templates, you get to enjoy the cost effective prices, a quicker start, and the simplicity of it all. However, you do not get to enjoy the … Continue Reading

Leveraging China for Sourcing Products

Western companies have looked to China for cost efficient sourcing even with the significant differences from Chinese factories in the business manufacturing approach. There are both pros and cons to leveraging China for sourcing products for your business, and if … Continue Reading

8 Tactics to Increase your Conversion Rate

A/B Testing This is a way that will give you results you can see when checking out your best marketing tactics. If you have created two different layouts for your website home page and have no idea which one is … Continue Reading