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Transformation Starts With Acceleration

We accelerate our customer’s businesses through cutting edge creative, innovative strategy and pixel perfect development. Our team thrives in changing organizations and leads our customers through business process change leading to organizational growth and scale.

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Rooted in Research

Accelerate believes in leveraging past data and experiences to properly project the right strategies to drive you into your future.

Our analytics tool, Accelerate Analytics, like no other tool in the industry allows our experts to analyze your sales, marketing, finance and operations data within a few days allowing us to uncover hidden value and ROI potential that you’re missing today.

   Analytics tool    Analyze your sales

1 Week Business Acceleration Scrum

We start working with all of our clients with our 1 week business planning scrum. We analyze all components of your business and identify the largest areas of impact for your project or project. The outcome will be timing, cost and outcomes expected for a transparent roadmap to true business acceleration.

Want to build your own quote?

As part of our initial discussions, we will analyze your business across all channels and provide a clear proposal on how to grow and accelerate your business.

Accelerate’s 4R Research + Discovery Phase

After 300+ implementations we’ve created a process to remove all of the risk. No surprises, on budget and on-time. Our process identifies and documents all of the fine details required for a project success.



Accelerate deploys our project input process to capture the required details regarding client business process, operations, product makeup, order management, merchandising, brand, creative and content that flows into our master production brief. This brief drives our design process and requirements process. In this phase, if the client does not have documented brand standards or a persona guide documenting their target customers, Accelerate will create them. This is also where we begin to identify project risks.


Accelerate builds out business, functional, testing and technical requirements to better define the final specifications for our customer’s e-commerce implementation. This includes a sitemap, site architecture, technology stack, feature set, third party integration specifications, coding and platform specifications, testing requirements, user acceptance testing plan. The document created from this process is our Accelerate Production Specification. We also identify any SEO ramifications within the site implementation.


Accelerate performs our proprietary production risk analysis. This process reviews all production inputs and outputs and assesses any risk that can lead to the potential delay of delivery. These risks are documented and an immediate action plan is created with the customer to mitigate these risks. Accelerate performs weekly risk assessment during production as well. Every project has risk, Accelerate identifies and resolves them before they become larger production issues.


Accelerate creates the production roadmap for the launch. This includes all steps, features, and phases with dates. Accelerate leverages the latest, most innovative digital production management tools to provide ongoing focused delivery expectations for the customer and launch team from accelerate. An ongoing Gantt chart and weekly production status reports are provided. Accelerate also provides our proprietary production dashboard for easy access to monitoring project progress.

300+ Projects to Perfect Our Production Process

Our approach is simple. Eliminate surprises, Deliver on time and with amazing quality. We provide a dashboard to monitor project progress and KPIS and you can log in and ask a commerce expert a question at any time.


Project Gantt Chart with Interactive Visibility

Project KPIs and access to e-commerce experts in one place, accessible from one dashboard.

Sr. Launch Managers and Delivery Team

Launch and Delivery Managers with E-commerce and Platform Experience to help guide you to a successful implementation.

Dynamic Production Methodology

After 300+ projects we realized that no one approach fits all, so we created our own methodology to ensure you see success.

Ontime, on Budget with Results

Business growth and the rapidly changing market require your vendors to hit their delivery commitments. Expect we get to the finish line on time, every time.

QA & Testing for Success

Our QA and Testing process is a rigorous process ensuring
pixel perfection, functional flawlessness, and a seamless site
launch. With over 20 QA engineers on staff and rigorous
testing procedures in place, your launch is setup for success.

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