Accelerate is now a Shopify Plus Partner

Accelerate is now a Shopify Plus Partner

Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform. They introduced the Partner Program a year ago which partners with award-winning, global, digital, marketing and design agencies—and we are proud to announce that Accelerate is included in the handful of companies that are officially a Shopify Plus Partner. The Plus Partners are international full service agencies offering a range of services that meet needs of large and small businesses and projects.

Accelerate can now offer more options with Shopify solutions, apps and management tools that empower our clients and organizations to be successful with commerce. We are eliminating the worry of the infrastructure behind your business, and letting you only focus time and resources on growing your business.

Some of the key features Shopify Plus includes are: fully hosted cloud platform available to customers 24/7 with support and uptime, unlimited scale and API’s, dedicated expertise, robust management that allows updates without disrupting availability, an infrastructure that ensures your site can handle anything from flash sales to seasonal sales spikes, and much more.

At the core, we have an advanced and flexible ecommerce platform that has the features and capabilities to meet the needs of businesses. Joining the Shopify Plus Partner Program expands our offerings and ensures our ability to meet the evolving demands of online merchants. We are excited to further enable ourselves to consistently meet the rapidly changing expectations of consumers, and to make sure that they are at the forefront of the emerging trends and the industry.

This partnership empowers our clients when building their platforms, giving them the most robust features possible for their business day-to-day needs as well a offering an easy solution that is aligned with the requirements of you and your customers.

Sound intriguing? Let us put it into action for you.