The Key to Authentic Quality Content Marketing

The Key to Authentic Quality Content Marketing

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In this episode we are joined by Matt Spurr who is the cofounder of, a content suggestions platform for social media. Quuu is primarily for people and businesses who know they need a social media presence but are unsure of what kind of content they should be putting out there, or just don’t have the time to curate content. Quuu handpicks content suggestions for their users and automates them out every day so they have a full timeline. Content marketing has been a top marketing trend for years now, and the average company struggles with creating content at scale and doing this well.

Key to Content Marketing:

Be consistent, unique, and original. You will see the biggest change in engagement when you share quality content every single day. This will keep your audience interested and engaged, however, this content needs to be unique and genuine. There is so much saturation in terms of content marketing so it is essential to figure out how you can make your content original. Because content marketing for businesses is so huge, you are bound to be competing with another company’s content that is very similar to yours. One way you can get some ideas is looking at seminars and speakers in your industry and look out for what they’re doing to create titles for their seminars. There are tons of seminars out there and if you don’t have a killer title, then you will be standing in an empty room. So these people are challenged to pick hot and unique titles that stand out and attracts an audience.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your content at 600 to 2,000 words. The content you put out there should not be under 600 words and anything over 2,000 should be backed up with loads of reviews and quotes. Choose a killer title, use unique user generated content, statistics and quotes. Keep your audience interested!

Upcoming Trends:

A trend that is huge and people are not leveraging enough is video marketing. There are so many individuals and companies that are killing it on blogs and social, but not on video. Video marketing is a huge untapped opportunity to look at–video platforms are big and it’s a refreshing way to consume content. Even as an alternative, writing a blog post and adding a video summary of it is a big thing and only going to get bigger from here. This is definitely a way right now to set yourself apart from everyone who is doing the same thing as you, Being really gritty, honest, real, and not afraid to say what’s on your mind even if it’s not all positive, will also set your apart in video content.