As I’m writing this post my son popped into my head.  He’s almost 2 years old and he is in a phase where he’s figuring out so many new things and each time he figures out something new he says “I did it” (in a cute 2 year old voice).  It’s really funny.  It reminds me a lot like the feeling we have in the retail industry the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We all get that short “I did it” feeling.  Then comes the reality that a larger than normal percentage of business is upon us and we start to get anxious.  We start to wonder if we’ve prepared enough, did we forget any small details, is the email campaign going out perfect?  Is our site fast enough?  At this point my recommendation is to treat your situation like that final exam in high school.  You just hit a point where you’ve studied all you can study and any additional studying may confuse you more than it helps.  Let it ride.

We wish all of our customers and anyone reading this a prosperous holiday shopping season.  We hope you exceed all of your sales goals and are able to enjoy the season with family and friends.  We look forward to working with you throughout the upcoming months and years to help solidify 2015 goals and to take your business to new levels.  This is a quick post to provide some reminders to ensure you finish strong through the holidays.

  • Attitude is everything:  The old saying that your attitude equals your altitude is so true this time of the year.  Your team must be clicking on all cylinders.  Go the extra mile to make work fun and enjoyable for everyone.  Extra lunches and snacks in the office help.  If you notice someone is down, help lift their spirits. It’s game time
  • Service is a priority: Your customers are generally stressed this time of the year.  They have financial pressures, family pressures and are reflecting on their 2014 trying to determine what to improve in 2015.  Bottom line is you are under capacity and they are fragile.  Keep this in mind.  Try to make your brand as human as possible.  Make customer satisfaction a priority and it will pay dividends.
  • Think big picture: Take time to re-enforce your long term vision to your employees this time of the year.  It’s important for teams to understand the bigger picture or purpose of an organization.  If they don’t they will either leave or burn out.  Passion is formed through the pursuit of a purpose.

Most of all, we hope you’re having fun.  Being a shinning light that your customers can look to for an experience that makes them feel warm inside.

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