Virtual Reality (VR) is an Emerging Technology to Build a Platform on

Virtual Reality (VR) is an Emerging Technology to Build a Platform on


One Minute Video on The Virtual Reality Opportunity

VR is the new buzzword in technology in 2017.  Much like iPad or iPhone applications in the early two-thousands, the concept has grown enough to where we know it’s going to be a trend in business, yet many people haven’t figured out how to apply virtual reality into their business.  Accelerate Agency designs and develops virtual reality experiences delivered through a variety of gaming and virtual reality platforms including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and others.  We’ve been working in the virtual reality space now for just over a year and have built five very impressive virtual reality experiences, which for a technology that is so new is quite a lot.  So here it is, here is a list of ideas of how you can leverage VR in your business in 2017.  Just remember it’s easier to gain market share in the beginning of a trend by taking a little bit of risk rather than waiting till the market is at critical mass and trying to catch up.


Creating virtual reality content to connect potential clients with the culture of your company:

this can be done as simple as creating 360° virtual reality content providing tours of your office space and interviews of key personnel as a way for remote clients outside of your local market to get a better experience with your company.  How cool would it be  if you had a new business opportunity on the other side of the country or those of the world and you could just ship them a virtual reality headset provide them an inside look into your company.  Your competitors aren’t doing that and it’s not that expensive to execute against. That’s a good way to leverage virtual reality to land new clients and new demographics that you’re currently not tapping into.


Deliver educational content through virtual reality:

Do you train your clients? Are you thought leaders in your industry? What if you could be the first person in your market to create a channel or an application in virtual reality to educate your audience specifically on what you do on a daily basis.  It’s getting exhausting competing for search engine rankings in Google why not be the first in your market to deliver content at scale to virtual reality.


Painting a picture for potential clients/Increasing sales:

Is there a utility component to your business? Is there some type of the tool calculation or custom pricing mechanism, does your product require an in person sell?  all of these can be developed into a virtual reality app.  Think of a skincare company that could create a virtual experience to analyze skin type and skin conditions and in a virtual environment show you what you would look like if you use the product.  Think of a sporting venue trying to sell season tickets but not being able to get the busy CEO down for a tour of what seats are available.  How effective would be to send your potential customer a virtual reality headset and allow them to experience the game from their office in between meetings.  Maybe you’re a talent agent trying to book bands for tours… show that band the immersive concert experience that your firm can deliver to a virtual reality app.
These are three examples of how thinking big and leveraging virtual reality content can lend you more customers and improve your selling process as an organization. Virtual reality is going to require visionaries to think beyond what they’ve currently done or have executed on in the past. It’s going to require getting outside your comfort zone,  spending a little bit of money, and leveraging technology to grow your business more than you ever have. The alternative is to keep focusing on your desktop website which will be overtaken by mobile users within the next three years and then moved to a custom mobile application which will already be behind your competition on and then moved to virtual reality after the rest of the market has already shifted theirs.  Virtual reality is not the best fit for every business in their current state, but if your market is ready for innovation and is looking for efficiencies that can’t be delivered in traditional ways, virtual reality may be the best solution for you to disrupt your space.  The public relations and news that you get from releasing a virtual reality experience is far greater of a return on investment long-term than the cost that you would spend in building an application not counting the increase in sales.