What Effects Conversion Rate on an Ecommerce Site?

This is a quick post to try to layout everything that effects the conversion rate within an ecommerce website.  There are a lot of moving pieces and often times retailers think that conversion rate is a facet of marketing, I’m … Continue Reading

Vision Remix Video – Get to Know Us

Content Meets Commerce – Magento 2.0 and Beyond

So for anyone who knows me well, I’ve been preaching content marketing and content driven commerce for over five years. I like to live my life Gretzky style, skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is. … Continue Reading

Being Better Than Popups While Still Capturing Emails

The popup is getting old.  Let’s face it. We all hate the execution, but have enjoyed the results.  It’s hard to argue with how effective the modal popup has been the past few years. We’ve seen retailers with good offers … Continue Reading

Shifting Your Google Shopping Budget to Marketplaces

We analyze a lot of online retail businesses. We work with 30 new retail businesses a year, have 20-30 ongoing retail businesses that we perform marketing and consulting for and we talk to another 100 retail businesses a year that … Continue Reading

Instagram Advertising is Starting to Be Effective for an ROI

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B2B – Business to Business Ecommerce Features in Magento 2.0 to Accelerate Your Ecommerce Growth

Business to Business ecommerce is a rising trend.  More businesses are moving more of their spend through digital means.  Services like Fundbox, Quickbooks Online, Cloud ERPs and Online Bank Bill Payment are training organizations to digitize their business.  With that … Continue Reading

How to Get Creative With Funding Your Ecommerce Re-platform Project – Full Scale Expertise at it’s best

Each year I run into 20 to 30 retailers that are trying to re-platform their e-commerce websites but lack the funds to start the project.   At Accelerate we try to be creative with finding ways to uncover missing revenue, or … Continue Reading

Uncovering Revenue Opportunities for Ecommerce Retailers: How to quickly assess analytics to identify new strategies and tactics

This post uncovers how I think about any retail business to uncover immediate revenue growth opportunities. I’ve found over the past 13 years that most of our competitors are just not great at the basics, or they are great in … Continue Reading

46 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Magento Ecommerce Agency

It is important to take in consideration many aspects of your e-commerce business when you’re selecting a Magento maintenance and support partner.   We work with over 300 Magento retailers in the past eight years and have built a Magento practice to … Continue Reading