19 Tools To Grow Your Business Digitally

Software and tools are critical to marketing in today’s internet.  The amount of process, organization and level of activities required for successful digital marketing is astounding and the complexities increase daily. This is actually an incredible opportunity to out-execute your … Continue Reading

8 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Website For the Holiday

Are you one of many people who never make the time to prepare for the holiday retail and commerce rush? I’m hoping this post will help you get ready.  You can use this list as a checklist to get ready. … Continue Reading

The Best Web Design Approach for Results and Some Cool Tools

Web design continues to change.  Processes from designer to designer are different and continue to become more varied.  So how do you know what the best approach is for designing your next company website? Well here are some tips, strategies, … Continue Reading

Mobile Opportunities for Retailers in 2015

Many retailers have a difficult time prioritizing mobile within their company roadmap.  Even the largest retailers are moving slowly to adapt responsive websites and multi-device a/b testing.  Mobile can be one of those those challenges that is just overwhelming and … Continue Reading

The Secret To More Search Advertising Revenue (Hint: It’s Bing Ads!)

Our clients are always looking for an edge in paid media. For the most part, Google Adwords is a break even channel for most ecommerce retailers at best. As competition rises in many ecommerce categories costs-per-click are rising driving up … Continue Reading

CAG Group Integrates Spree Commerce with Salesforce.com

In a project that we will be formally launched and releasing a press release in mid February, Commerce Acceleration Group has integrated Spree Commerce with Salesforce.com.  This is noteworthy as Salesforce.com has made an effort to make their platform more … Continue Reading

An Often Overlooked Opportunity For Growth: Fulfillment Optimization

Most companies that sell online have big aspirations and great intentions when it comes to the post purchase fulfillment process.  The reality is, this is the part of the customer experience that is the greatest opportunity for you to create … Continue Reading

CAG and Spree Commerce – A Combination for an Excellent 2015

One of the goals we’ve always had as an organization is to remain agile.  Agility in technology is, to us, the most important characteristic to keep at the foundation of an organization.  In the mid 2000’s we saw many development … Continue Reading