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New Instant Purchase for Magento Opens Opportunities to Drive Conversions

TO SPEAK WITH A MAGENTO EXPERT CONSULTANT ABOUT A MAGENTO UPGRADE, FILL OUT THE FORM ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE. This week Magento launched a new update for Magento 2 that includes the Instant Purchase functionality after a … Continue Reading

e-commerce analytics, e-commerce business intelligence

E-Commerce Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools for Magento and Shopify

Accelerate has been working on our own analytics offering now for quite some time. We’re excited to announce our current BETA launch of Accelerate Analytics.  Our offering will immediately be competitive with any advanced BI tool on the market, bringing … Continue Reading

Thoughts from a Magento Developer and Magento Development Company

This blog post will continue to grow over time and link to other relevant posts.  My goal is to provide you with an much information about Magento 2 as possible. If you’ve paid any attention to Magento in the past … Continue Reading

The future of Magento 1 and what are your options

There are thousands of retailers with Magento 1.X Community Edition websites.  Many of these retailers are uncertain about the best path forward for their e-commerce platform. With Magento Commerce announcing the extended support of Magento 1.X sites, it is still … Continue Reading