E-Commerce Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools for Magento and Shopify

E-Commerce Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools for Magento and Shopify

Accelerate has been working on our own analytics offering now for quite some time. We’re excited to announce our current launch of Accelerate Analytics.  Our offering will immediately be competitive with any advanced BI tool on the market, bringing out of the box omni-channel data visualization capabilities for our Magento, Shopify and Big Commerce clients. Where our value will continue to increase overtime is through our continued commitment to provide the best value to mid-market retail. Our analytics and strategy team is continually creating and delivering visualizations for our customers in a meaningful way that others are not and have not been able to deliver.

At a starting price point of $500 a month, there just isn’t anything else on the market the offers what we bring to the table at a comparable value.  Below we’ve outlined what the initial product consists of and we will continue to add on to the product as the offering grows. To get a demo or gain access, select the contact us for more information section below.

Current list of visualizations available

Revenue: Ability to view revenue by day, week, month, year and compare to the prior period, while visualizing with trend lines and exportability into CSV spreadsheets.

Gross Profit: Our product has the ability add your core product cost data into the platform through a CSV upload and will leverage this data, revenue data and CPA data from ad accounts to calculate your real profit. Yes, we also offer filtering and a variety of visualization options.

Order Data: Ability to see order summarization data by day, week, month or year. Keep in mind, any data visualization in our platform allows you to sort by a custom date range as well.

Products Sold: Product level data to see sales trends, LTV from entry products, total number of products sold and revenue from these products over a period of time.

AOV (Average Order Value): We always start optimizing any e-commerce business with a few key metrics. Conversion rate and average order value. often times these two metrics can be optimized for 3-5 months without focusing on another metric on a site.  We provide several ways to visualize and slice up the data.

Refunded: Gain visualization data from refund data pulled from Magento or Shopify

Traffic: Traffic data pulled from Google Analytics and visualized in a meaningful way for commerce.

Conversion Rate: As mentioned above, CR and AOV can be the focus of optimization for months.

Revenue by Channel: Advanced revenue analysis tools, breaking down revenue by channel by a time period.

Net Profit by Channel: Applies the prior calculated NetProfit metrics across channels to show your most profitable acquisition channels.

Orders: Able to segment customers by orders then export for additional segmentation of email lists.

Revenue By Location: Visual heat map visualization with the ability to show you as high level regional sales and the ability to dropdown into individual SKU sales by zipcode. 

Product Bundling: Ability to analyze which products sell together most frequently and what products have the highest or lowest percentage of bundling with other products. 

We are working on many more metrics and have already built integrations with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Adwords, Adroll, Facebook, Amazon, Shipstation, Shipcentral, Klaviyo, Bronto, Dotmailer and Mailchimp.  We are working on several other integrations such as Quickbooks, FedEx and Constant Contact.   Again, for more information on our analytics product or for a free demo, please select contact us for more information below and we will be in touch.