Marketing email and automation are imperative to every successful marketing campaign. I see email as the top third return on investment in every one of our clients. You may ask, how does one begin an effective email marketing and marketing automation campaign? Below, I’ve outlined the top twenty-five strategies that drive leads and revenue.

To implement these strategies, you will need an email marketing tool that can handle these types of campaigns. It would be wise to take a look at tools like Infusionsoft, Bronto, Hubspot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


  1. Welcome Series: Try a popup on your website or other ways to capture email addresses and other contact information. Subsequently, there will be some automatic correspondence with people who provide you with their contact information.  A welcome series is composed of one to three messages that get the client familiar with your company with some call to action opportunities along the way.
  2. Transactional Email Optimization: Most businesses do not take advantage of this simple opportunity. This includes a confirmation email for a lead submission on a lead generation site.  What types of customization or messaging can you add to you transactional emails? I recommend promoting other products and introducing your brand to the user to be able to continually engage on social media.
  3. RSS Campaign: If you are continuously producing great blog content, an RSS campaign is easy engagement.  Simply code the RSS feed into a weekly email that gets sent out. Each week, the most recent posts are pulled into the email.
  4. Cart Abandonment: Cart Abandonment is the re-marketing to prospects that started the checkout process on your website but did not finish.  Recent statistics show one in four carts are actually checked out.  It’s common to see a ten to fifteen percent conversion rate from a cart abandonment campaign.
  5. Thought Leadership Emails: People want to do business with experts. Creating regular content on your website and emails is critical to building your brand and growing your revenue. It also helps improve  client retention.  I recommend a minimum of one thought leadership email per month as part of a more integrated email strategy.
  6. Re-order Campaigns: How long does your product last? Setup an automated reminder email to re-order around the time the product should run out.  This is a high revenue opportunity.
  7. Re-engagement Emails: Typically over fifty percent of an email list is unengaged. Setup an automated email campaign with a strong CTA which sends to those with a 90 day unopened email.
  8. Birthday and Holiday Emails: Taking advantage of special days, such as birthdays, is a great way to increase brand awareness and capture some leads.  This requires capturing the birthdays of your subscribers, but it’s worth it.
  9. Offer Announcement: Sending sale announcements that track back to your website is a great way to drive more sales to the brand.  I recommend one per month. Too much couponing will condition your audience to only buy when a discount is available.

It’s important to stay up to date with the most recent marketing automation trends to produce leads. If you’d like to speak with us about email marketing and marketing automation, fill out the form to the right.


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