Stingray Gaming Engine- The Engine for B2B Gaming

Stingray Gaming Engine- The Engine for B2B Gaming

Why Gaming in B2B?

What is B2B Gaming and what is Stingray Engine and how to they converge?  B2B Gaming is the future of business to business applied technology.  Gaming is the term that is used because it references the platform, technology and framework in which a 2d, 3d or virtual scenario is developed.  Gaming Engines exist traditionally to build commercial read video games for consumer gaming systems, however as the ability to create very robust content continually through drones, cameras and other technologies the business community needs technology that can process and deliver massive amounts of data quickly in an interactive environment. Enter gaming engines.

Why Stingray Gaming Engine?

Stingray Engine is not heavily adopted, but it doesn’t mean the technology isn’t the best fit for the application. What makes Stingray Engine the most viable solution for B2B gaming is the tight workflow and automation between platforms that animate and create the assets. Autodesk offers software to create absolutely anything from 3D animations to architectural renderings and changes are one of their software offerings can convert your content. Once your content is within the Autodesk toolset the workflow to push the content to Stingray is easy.  There are a lot of game engines with more robust content libraries and ecosystems of developers and designers, but none that can move animations into a gaming environment as easily and quickly as Stingray.  This is why, in a business to business environment Stingray is setup to capture the Virtual Reality and application space.

What Would a Business Use Gaming Engines For?

The real question is what’s possible? Here are a few ideas that we see as imminent overtime.

  • Delivery of educational content to enterprise organizations through virtual reality: Think of a fortune 500 being able to deliver town hall meetings from the CEO, pushed through an app to a VR environment.  The long term costs savings of annual meetings, quarterly meetings and even content distribution easily pay for the application.
  • Real Estate: What is a real estate company can just mail a Virtual Reality headset to an end user and that end user can take a virtual tour of any home within the realtors database globally.
  • K-12 Education: Allowing third party experts and thought leaders to contribute educational content in module format for student consumption
  • Car Sales: Ability to get a virtual tour of any car for sale through an app experience


The opportunities are endless. Big things are happening in the virtual reality space. Companies will be transformed, markets disrupted. Stingray Engine is the framework we feel best suites to tackle this.