Freelance Independence with AND.CO

Freelance Independence with AND.CO

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In today’s podcast we are joined by cofounder of AND.CO, Lief Abraham. AND CO started a year and a half ago, the company focuses primarily on  small businesses without payroll—whether that is a one man operation, a collective of designers who are their own entity or company, guys coming together starting a company, etc.

AND CO prides themselves on proactive and efficient tech products. They focus on those who are their own boss and helping these people to have more freedom with the help of their many different products that create contracts, invoices, and track time and expenses. These are efficient products that create a proactive workflow and create efficiencies, The contract creates job security, most of the time freelancers don’t have a contract in place and if there is no contract, then the terms may not be communicated as well as it could be. AND CO helps people with predictability and healthy relationships in the workplace.

Job security comes from income, you have to treat your business like a career–and if you are control of it, you create security for yourself. 30 years ago, if you worked for a large company there was a sense of predictability, that’s not there anymore.

Today we see the biggest growth in the market from ecommerce retailers, as well as freelancers. It’s not the 100 million dollar companies anymore—it’s the boutique companies that are using social media to start and grow a massive audience while successfully running their business and grabbing equal share of the market.

So, where is the future of this part of the economy going?

It’s like a Hollywood movie model. When you make a Hollywood movie, you have people coming together for a set period of time, whether it be many years or a couple years, to create this project. They provide their skills and then soon disassemble again. This is what we’re seeing and will continue to see more of in the future in larger companies now. What is changing specifically is this project based model, so you’re basically hiring for a project, assembling for the project and then disassembling. This is creating a fundamental change in the work organizational structure.

AND CO plays into this by managing the work relationships that you will have to manage due to this change. Having all these relationships and work, you will need a tech and tool belt around it all to manage. Addressing a lot of the differences in today’s market compared to the marketplace 30 years ago, it’s very difference managing a budget with freelancing today.

ALERT: trends you should be paying attention to that relate to the micro-business and freelance world:

  • Seeing more companies create an emotional connection to the product
  • Realizing that many freelancers don’t actually see themselves as freelancers, but as normal workers with a different structure. Companies are starting to realize this and treating freelancers as a part of their company.
    • Also realize that sometimes the best talent wants to have the most freedom, and so that is why they are freelance. Organizations are starting to pull them into their regular structure and work.