8 Tactics to Increase your Conversion Rate

8 Tactics to Increase your Conversion Rate

  1. A/B Testing

This is a way that will give you results you can see when checking out your best marketing tactics. If you have created two different layouts for your website home page and have no idea which one is more effective
— A/B testing will let you know which tactic is more effective and attracts more traffic.

  1. Use Eye-Catching Headlines

Get creative! Having headlines that stick out from the rest, especially if many people are writing about the same things. Make sure your articles stand out in order to increase your conversion rate. 

  1. Assist customers during the buying process

This is the primary goal — to make it easy to buy from your website. Everything to make a purchase should be clear and evident so the buyer can complete their purchase in a matter of minutes.

  1. Add Evidence

Add evidence that supports your claims. Things like quantitative numbers, qualitative stories, testimonials, case studies, reviews—these kinds of things will increase your customer’s loyalty and trust within your company and site.

  1. Make it easier for the customer to buy and navigate your site

Keep it simple and pain-free. Concentrate on removing barriers that could potentially be stopping your customers from buying, and figure out how to make it easier. In result, this will make your customers happier and gives you the chance to create a loyal customer base.

  1. Your Reviews

If you think that no one could sell your products as well as you can—you’re wrong. Believe it or not your customers are much better at selling your product because it’s one of those things that are hard to get started, but once they’re there, it’s influential to your potential buyers. Customer reviews are especially huge for those customers who have been on the fence of buying your product or not, once they see that satisfied customers review, most likely, nothing will be holding them back.

  1. Live chat software

Immediately respond to customers that request a chat or help. This ensures customer service and builds a direct communication line from your potential customer to you. It creates a human connection that builds trust and loyalty in the future.

  1. Be different!

This one is self explanatory. Stand out! Make sure customers know why they should buy from you and what makes your company different from the rest selling the same products or services as you.