Key Analytics in Google Analytics for Ecommerce Retailers

Key Analytics in Google Analytics for Ecommerce Retailers



Identifying the key analytics that Google Analytics provides you with is necessary. Zoning in on the tools that will give you the most insight on what is working for you and your business and recognizing what is not working is vital to success. In the left hand tool bar on your Google Analytics page is what we’re going to be talking about. Identifying these key analytics will be the gateway to higher conversions and an increase in sales.

Real Time Analytics

This will give you information on what is happening on your site at that very moment. It shows you a report on who is on your site, where they came from, their location, and what they are browsing on your site. This report is key to finding out how social media posts, emails, and campaigns are immediately performing. Real time analytics lets you know what your audience and customers best respond to.


The Audience analytics gives you an inside look at the age, gender, geography, language, location, etc. of the visitors on your ecommerce store. This report will also give you a lot more information on the number of visitor sessions, the new and returning visitors, unique visitors, bounce rates, new users, and more. This kind of information is valuable because it will help you understand exactly who your business is attracting and which countries have sparked an interest in your store.


This report shows you how your visitors and customers found and arrived at your site. This gives you a good sense of what sites and outlets you can put more of your time in to and focus on because it will show if your marketing efforts are working. A good grasp on which channels drive the most visitors and especially which drive those customers who make the most sales will steer you in the right direction instead of putting your time into something that is not working for your business.


The Behavior report gives you important information about your site and what visitors are doing on your site. This report is key for learning how your visitors react to your pages and the functions. For example, the load time of your pages, the speed of your website, the bounce rate of each page, and more. Utilizing this report can help you pinpoint what needs improvement on your website in order to create a better user experience, and increase conversions.


This will be the report that tells you what your customers buy, in what quantity, and the revenue generated, as well as the number of days and sessions it took to purchase. Understanding your sales and recognizing patterns will be a huge help in further increasing your sales.


Google Analytics is key for any ecommerce retailer, but knowing exactly what to focus on and understand will allow you to get the most out of this tool, and gain the most insight into your users and your own business.