The future of Magento 1 and what are your options

The future of Magento 1 and what are your options

There are thousands of retailers with Magento 1.X Community Edition websites.  Many of these retailers are uncertain about the best path forward for their e-commerce platform. With Magento Commerce announcing the extended support of Magento 1.X sites, it is still uncertain when Magento will stop supporting these retailers. We believe that Magento will announce the plans to stop support within the next 18 months, leaving retailers 36 months before support stops. So how big is this issue and what do you need to consider over the next 3-5 years? We provide some data, insights and suggestions below.

Here is a chart with an estimation of the number of websites per each version of website represented within the top 1 million sites online according to

What are the options available

  1. The first option is to continue to operate within the Magento 1.X platform and risk the security vulnerabilities, overall stability and extension providers stopping support on extensions. Unless you have an incredible Magento developer in-house, to support ongoing security risks and overall platform support, this is a short term play that can buy you some time, but ultimately will cause an unnecessary re-platforming emergency.  This may sound like a silly approach, but many of the M1 retailers we are speaking with have not planned farther then this option.
  2. Migrate to from Magento 1 to Magento 2: To be clear, this is not an upgrade, but it is a true migration. Magento 2 is a different platform with different technology than Magento 1. There are some advantages to this path. The two biggest advantages are that your store data is fairly easy to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as the platform data structure is similar between platforms. Also, even though Magento 2 is quite different than Magento 1 from an administration perspective, Magento 2 handles configuration, content management and promotions in a similar fashion to Magento 1.
  3. Migrate to a SaaS platform like Shopify or BigCommerce: If Magento 1 has proven to be too technical of a platform and costly to maintain, while you haven’t reached your revenue goals for the business, a platform change may make sense.

We are migrating most of our clients from Magento 1 to Magento 2, but in some client cases it make sense to move to a SaaS platform.  We are currently offering a free audit to any Magento 1 retailer to analyze their existing site build and to create a roadmap that makes the most sense for their business.  This roadmap includes the following.

  • Magento 1.x security review: We review your site to ensure the proper security patches have been installed and to ensure there are no vulnerabilities with your site.
  • Magento Core Files review: We have created a custom script that analyzes your site to determine if any core files from Magento have been modified. If core files have been modified it creates difficulties in upgrading and applying security patches. The only time we recommend updating core files within Magento is to temporarily address a bug within the core platform. As soon as the bug is addressed by Magento, the files should be reverted back to the core files to ensure stability for the platform in the future.
  • Magento extension review: We analyze all of your extensions within the Magento store to determine if all of the extensions are up to date.  If they are not up to date, we will recommend which extensions should be updated. We also determine if you have any extensions installed that we have found to cause issues within Magento from our experience.
  • Magento data review: We review your site data to ensure it’s format is easily portable to Magento 2. We look at products, customers, orders, stored credit cards, gift cards and any other data to ensure the effective migration of the project.

How do I calculate the business decision

We help our customers determine the dollars and cents of this decision. We look at what your cost of operations to stay where you are at, we look at the cost of operations to move and we try to calculate the risks on both sides. Contact us for a cost analysis on this big decision for your business.