Magento Support + Strategy

Magento updates, upgrades, security patches, bug fixing, rescue projects and unlimited e-commerce strategy support

The Most Flexible Magento Support Available

We calculate your pricing in minutes.  Our support team is used to working with the most complex Magento implementations. If you haven’t updated your Magento site in a while, or your Magento developer customized your core files, our team can repair and maintain your site, positioning you for scale.

What is included in our Magento Support?

We’ve worked with over 300 Magento retailers and very few of them have properly maintained their Magento site. Magento is like a car, with proper oil changes, brake replacements and preventative maintenance, it will last and scale your business as you need it. It will even get better over time. Without the proper maintenance, your site can be more hastle then it is worth. We’ve seen sites get hacked, sites load very slowly, sites break with new code pushes or upgrades and just about everything in between. Below we’ve listed out what is included in our Magento support plan.



Security Patches

Each year several Magento security patch updates are released to protect Magento sites. Cyber hacking and cyber attacks are a real threat.  Check out this map from Norse Corp that shows a simulation of real time live cyber attacks being initiated from around the world. With the right Magento support team, you can reduce the risk of security and hacking issues immensely.  You can check out Mage Report to get a scan of your Magento site for missing security patches as well.  Our Magento support covers security patch installation as they are released as well as quarterly vulnerability checks.

Bug Fixes

Software and website inherently always have some level of bugs and defects. Accelerate will resolve any issues while under Magento Support coverage.  This includes the browser or device compatibility issues, extension or third-party software compatibility issues and Magento issues. Just submit a support ticket from within your client portal and our Magento Support experts will resolve your issues as they are submitted. Support tickets are resolved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Critical issues are typically resolved within a few hours. Non-critical issues within 3 days


Each year Magento releases several new versions of their Enterprise and Community software. As new versions are released, it’s recommended that you continually upgrade your version of Magento. Accelerate’s Magento Support program covers all upgrades and includes an individual recommendation for timing of the upgrade. Accelerate looks at all extensions installed on your Magento website and assesses the version of the extension and the compatibility with the newest version of Magento.  All upgrades are pushed in a development environment and thoroughly tested prior to being pushed to production.  Accelerate is constantly in communication with Magento to understand new features and impacts with all new releases of Magento


Monitoring + Speed and Performance

Accelerate monitors the uptime and the application performance of your Magento site.  If there are any downtime issues an Accelerate Engineer will respond to the issue proactively to ensure it is resolved. Accelerate will run routine speed and performance checks on the site as well. If the site slows to below acceptable standards, Accelerate will proactively notify the client of the issue, assess the root cause and provide a fix and timeline of the fix to the client.
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Proven Magento Support Process

We currently maintain the first Magento 2.0 site launched in North America and our standard Magento Support client has complex needs, comes from a development agency that didn’t follow Magento best practices and needs a lot of help.


Ticket Tracking and Customer Dashboard

Real-time visibility into all issues and open tickets

Exclusive Access to Magento Experts

Ask us a question about e-commerce and Magento at any time. We’ll respond with strategy, recommendations and how to recorded videos.

Regular Health Checks

Everything is tracked with the best systems and processes possible. We proactively monitor everything to ensure issues are resolved before they happen

24/7/365 Urgent Support

We have experts in every time zone, if you need something, we’re here for you.

QA & Testing for Success

Our QA and Testing process is a rigorous process ensuring
pixel perfection, functional flawlessness, and a seamless site
launch. With over 20 QA engineers on staff and rigorous
testing procedures in place, your launch is setup for success.

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