Merchandising features native for Magento to drive more revenue

Shopping cart software has long been dominated by Magento. The product was seen as so valuable that Ebay eventually acquired it, and there have been many great modules and features added over the years as well. A critical component in the business model of any company with products to sell is the ability to merchandise and brand things so that customers get a nice view when visiting the store. The ability to engage these potential buyers through merchandising for Magento can be the difference in a lost sale and revenue gain. Therefore, the e-commerce platform has included a variety of features which make this work seamless.

Just as the brick and mortar counterparts work hard to design enticing window displays and the like in order to attract people off of the street, it is valuable to know some of the best practices for achieving a similar level of merchandising excellence in the e-commerce software. One of the most important places to organize things properly is on the category page where visitors are able to see a number of products in the same section. It can require constant attention in order to make sure that the best performing products are promoted more effectively.

Attribute-based rules allow the store owner to make sure that these products are updated in this way automatically. Utilizing metrics such as sales volumes, pageviews, and margin in these type of rules can be an effective marketing strategy in Magento. Also, OnTap’s Visual Merchandiser module is included in the Enterprise Edition, and this allows a number of tried and true methods to make sure that customers see what they need to be shown. Product relationships are also a worthy feature in this area since they allow other items that are likely to be of interest to be promoted effectively. There are related products, up-sells and cross-sells as well as the ability to compare products side-by-side so that users can mess around with the various options and selections in order to determine what is going to be the best choice for their particular use case.

Promotions are another one of the big merchandising for Magento features. There is the ability to offer discounts based on various rules, and customers who are already registered (or have purchased previously) can be sent email notifications of such promotions as well as other incentives such as free shipping or bonus gifts. The promotions can be set to automatically begin at a certain date and run for the length of a predetermined interval. This can be great for holidays and other special times during the year.

Search results can also lead to meaningful sales conversions if everything is configured appropriately for the customer to be able to get the results that they need. There are countless search options with the ability to look into the company’s inventory through a number of different methods. SEO is great for the results which show up in search engines such as Google.

In the end, it is all about getting the customer to see a product that triggers their desire to purchase and become a paying customer. Magento has even more features than outlined here, and there are so many modules available to add 3rd party tricks of the trade when necessary. Companies around the world rely on Magento for its high-end e-commerce merchandising and other features which make running a store seamless and profitable.
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