Mobile Opportunities for Retailers in 2015

Mobile Opportunities for Retailers in 2015

Many retailers have a difficult time prioritizing mobile within their company roadmap.  Even the largest retailers are moving slowly to adapt responsive websites and multi-device a/b testing.  Mobile can be one of those those challenges that is just overwhelming and tough to know where to start.  It’s new enough that it’s also tough to find talent and skills within your organization that have a proven track record driving results with mobile.  We believe that your biggest challenge can also be your biggest opportunity.  Mobile is currently one of the best opportunities to drive the lowest cost per acquisition in retail as well.  Here are some top strategies that you should be prioritizing in 2015 with mobile.

Responsive Design: Over 50% of traffic to most websites is now mobile.  Over 50% of your customers who purchase will view your site on their phone at some point in their buying cycle.  Gone are the days where responsive design is optional.  Responsive is now a must.  Many ecommerce platforms offer affordable responsive templates out of the box.  Try to approach mobile by making small baby-step improvements vs. needing to hit the home run everytime.  An average responsive site will outperform an non-mobile friendly site every time

Mobile emails: Every email that you’re sending to your audience has to me mobile friendly.  Spend the money to make your template responsive.  Multi-device, multi-channel customer buying experiences have to be mobile friendly every step of the way

Mobile Retargeting: Many retailers are just now going after desktop retargeting. Mobile retargeting is a great opportunity to create brand awareness and improve your conversion rates.  We recommend checking out Action X (

Mobile Apps: Studies show the average customer lifetime value for a customer that downloads an app is over 400% times greater than a web only customer.  Again, don’t feel you have to implement some crazy custom application, find a good cross platform development tool like a phone gap and build a first iteration.

Mobile Content Marketing: It’s not enough to just look at content marketing, but we need to start analyzing what content is viewed on what devices.  Start writing and producing content that is mobile friendly.  Use more images, short concise sentences and bullet points.  If you use buttons, make them big.  Less is more with mobile

Consider your brand: As we become more and more mobile, it’s important to try to simplify your brand as much as possible.  Try to “un-design” as much as you can.  White space is good, clutter is bad.

Push Notifications: In your app that you create you have the ability to leverage push notifications for marketing purposes.  Think of push notifications as the new email marketing, but they allow you to market based on activity and location of a user

Leverage Existing Apps: Find some apps that already exist that you can get your products listed on. It’s always a great idea to leverage somebody elses traffic stream.

We hope these quick tips will give you plenty to prioritize into a roadmap in 2015 for mobile.  It’s critical to focus on mobile sales and conversion.  It is the future of commerce.