New Payment Methods for B2B E-commerce

New Payment Methods for B2B E-commerce

The rapid growth in e-commerce has seen the rise of new technologies. Business-to-Business e-commerce or B2B is one of the hottest trends in digital growth. These days many companies are opting to integrate b2b e-commerce strategies into their sales, marketing and even finance initiatives within the business. It is because they have seen the value when they switch to digital commerce and how it can drive key performance metrics in a real and measurable way. Online ordering can be customized far beyond your standard online shopping experience in today’s market, giving businesses the opportunity to create massive efficiencies and touch their clients in a new, data-driven way. However, for merchants, concerns arise when it comes to the method of making payments. There are many different new ways in which B2B customers can pay. Most merchants find it hard to understand the appropriate manner in which they can manage this online. The integration of finance, marketing, and digital channel management has created new complex business challenges in some cases. Fortunately enough, there are new b2b-e-commerce payment options in which merchants can apply for their customers to use to make payments. These payment methods are essential for any e-commerce site, and even new companies should consider the application of these techniques. For instance, credit cards are used in making payments. Customized payment methods have benefits to any b2b e-commerce site. These include:

Simple Navigation

The amount of time people spend online within the course of their workday and at home is staggering. The truth is most customers say that regardless of the e-commerce site design, finding what they want must be a simple process. For this reason, if a customer approaches your site with a specific order in mind they must be able to quickly discovery and purchase the item in a flexible way. On selecting the desired product, the next step is making the payments. These payments can be made in several ways. One way that can be employed is the use of credit, debit or reward cards. Some companies opt to give their customers commercial card products such as purchase orders as a way of keeping their personal and business expenses separately. In the present times, application of commercial credit or debit cards in b2b e-commerce is increasing day by day as a way of making payments. Consequently, the use of P-card is also on rise. Most companies are adopting this payment method for its simplicity in making payments. With the demand for card-based purchases, invoicing as well as billing options are switching from the old paper method to electronic means.

The bottom line remains that P-cards can make a big difference for buyers and positively impact the success of a company that is using b2b e-commerce payment options. What happens is that with the use of cards to make purchases, the costs incurred in the processing of paper invoices is cut down substantially to a much lower percentage. On the manufacturers side as well as the distributors are transporting the purchased products to the customers, credit cards as b2b e-commerce payment options are equally more compelling compared to the other payment methods. Another significant advantage that is evident is that the funding time reduces enormously from months to days. Dramatically, the amount spent on the collections also reduces. Moreover, the amount paid on financing these trade credits also reduce until all the payments for purchases are received. This means that a company involved in b2b e-commerce can have the expectations of having P-cards as their standard mode of pay if they have not applied it already. Although most e-commerce sites accept payments via commercial cards, the transactions require much more details for verification on what is sold to the customer. For instance, for a consumer card to qualify to make payments, it must be set with the lowest currency interchange rates to meet the criteria set by cards such Visa or MasterCard. Making payments through the use of cards is simple just like the navigation. Since the products offered are displayed on the e-commerce site in a clear and easy to navigate from, it’s not possible for a customer to miss them. In b2b e-commerce, a customer is directed to the payment URL in an automated manner. All you will need is to enter your card number, and some other credentials and the order purchase is completed.

Application of Magento b2b e-commerce

Use of this method is advantageous to every company. You need to impress your target customer with Magento b2b e-commerce. Most organizations enable customers to purchase products online by stocking their sites with wide varieties of commodities. Magento covers a broader audience than other e-commerce platforms. It is the driving force that enables most companies to engage in b2b e-commerce which raises the customer’s loyalty and also optimizes the supply chain to increase. Magento b2b commerce involves the use of different Magento 2 payment options which are easy to use. Apart from the banking payment option, Magento includes other simple payment methods. These include:

Money order

Money order is one payment method accepted in many countries. This is one of the Magento 2 payments options which can be used to purchase orders in a fast and efficient manner.


PayPal is an online site linked to someone’s bank. Most people prefer PayPal for its safety, and it is possible to make purchases anywhere at whatever time. For you to make payments to any b2b e-commerce site, you need to be a PayPal user.

Purchase order

This is a payment method created in most accounting systems in b2b enterprises. The customers then use this as a way of making payments in the online store with the use of a unique purchase order number. To receive payments using this method, the company needs to enable this Magento payment method.

All these Magento 2 payment options enable b2b e-commerce to lead in the e-commerce center. They result in massive growth and success in the b2b space. For this reason, both upcoming and already existing businesses should consider applying b2b e-commerce to their sites and ensure that their payments are made using any of these methods to boost their sales. Most companies are recommended to apply Magento b2b e-commerce to reach their expectations globally.

Most b2b companies find benefits associated with the use of their e-commerce website. However, there are still others which prefer the old routes which include carrying out their transactions via email or even phone. The fact remains that running activity and carrying out transactions online via an e-commerce website the better option. Furthermore, a company conducting business in this method has the probability of making more sales on their products and saves time for customers as well. Selecting the appropriate and correct e-commerce solutions one fundamental that can lead to high success for you b2b online business. Unfortunately, not all e-commerce websites are equipped in a manner to handle b2b payment methods. Such sites need to be designed in a different format to enable these companies to have the capability of conducting b2b transactions.