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Is TV Dead?

The big question everyone is wondering about is will TV die out? Our answer is no, TV is not dead — it is transitioning. What we mean by this is the inner show commercials that used to be one of the biggest ways to advertise brands and product is dying down, and authentic product placement is stepping in to its place.

The product placement IN the actual show is going to be of high value. However, this execution has to be done well without a cheesy placement. People that get ahead of the game with this and negotiate the product placement in a meaningful way have a huge opportunity with TV.

Something to think about is that TV historically has been in the mindset of “how do I run one commercial and sell millions of product?”, now the mindset is transitioning in to “how do I take one piece of media and run it on a thousand channels in a micro format and get 2 to 3 sales per channel?”

The opportunity here is that your traditional agencies and larger scale companies are going to hold on to TV for a lot longer because they have shareholders and people to answer to which makes them not as risk adverse. But, if you’re a younger company and you’re willing to take some risk and figure out the creative in most channels, you have a lot of opportunity to grow.

Now as for video marketing, the key to this trending strategy is attention. Companies should be asking themselves if they are placing their video somewhere they are solving a problem that their consumers have.

For example, beauty channels on YouTube have created an environment of booming influencer marketing area by simply giving makeup tips. These influencers have built in result an audience and sell them product with video marketing. If you develop any context with product or service and then connect it to your audience, then the only people who could possibly not do well are those people who’s creative stinks or if you have a bad product.

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