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Forecasting Future Ecommerce Marketing Trends

If you keep up with marketing trends, you know that personalization, advertising on social, and email marketing are big right now.
Personalization has been all the buzz for generating success in e-commerce. This is a big question in episode 4, is personalization really the key to success in e-commerce?

Brad seems to think so. But the way he phrases it is he think personalization is a key to success because it really is a differentiator.
He puts it this way, personalization is the ability for a brick and mortar grocery store to be able to magically turn an aisle into the items you are specifically looking for without having to walk across the store — this is a really powerful way of personalization.The ability for an e-commerce platform to gather information about a user and gather up these data points into a portfolio to serve dynamic content to that user while they shop is huge.
We saw this start with Facebook advertising and retargeting where you can shop online and the next thing you know you’re scrolling down your Facebook feed and see the exact product pop up. A lot of these things are starting to happen, but the people who are super granular and implementing this into their business marketing tactics will build a tight relationship with their customers. Finding a way for their ad dollars to build relationships rather than just selling product is a really big trend where if you can do it well then you will be able to stand out.
So, are these trends going to die out or get bigger?
Brad is quick to say that the trends are going to get bigger — however, there is a caveat. For example, he is a big advocate for apps that make it tougher to get in to his inbox. The creative and quality of the email has to be exceptional nowadays because we have the power to take content and dump it into a black hole of emails or we can make them come back into your inbox. Now companies are going to have to build relationship and content in order to get into the preferred and seen part of someones inbox.

A company will be able to sell more if they can do this well because their email will be in a smaller and more prioritized pool of emails that someone will actually read. Push notifications are also a huge thing right now that are going to supplement emails. This is a big opportunity to drive people back to content and right back to the website so there is less friction.
In simpler words, yes the current marketing trends are going to get bigger in the future. However, the marketing tactics are going to change and become more complicated to keep up with.

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