Product Detail Page User Experience Recommendations

Product Detail Page User Experience Recommendations

Having a great product page will seriously up your conversion rate your sales.Here are some key elements that we suggest
including on your product page:Having a great product page will seriously up your conversion rate your sales.Here are some key
including on your product page

  • Product Image
  • Product Name
  • Full Production Description
  • Buy/Add to Basket
  • Price
  • Delivery Options
  • Reviews
  • Gallery Photos
  • Product Recommendations
  • Differentiators

Usually when a customer is making a purchase, when all these elements are on the product page it makes them feel a lot more informed and secure about their decision.

Product Image
This can be a huge selling point to customers because if there are great and high quality images included on the product page, it makes the customer excited. Make sure the product image is large and clear, and adding a zoom-in feature is always a plus for those who want to fully inspect the product to feel more secure in purchasing.

Product Name
This is essentially the first thing your customer will read about the product. Make it appealing, short and sweet. Include the brand name, model and what kind of product it is. Names for your products are also a great way to let your creativity shine as well as connecting the names to your brands image.

Product Description
List each and every specification about the product so your customers know everything there is to know. This will make them feel completely knowledgeable about the product, and potentially nudge them in the right direction. Arrange the product description in a scannable format so it’s easier and faster for the customer to read over. Bullet points, boxes, large fonts and plenty of white space are all great ideas to include within your descriptions.

Call to Action!
Make sure you have a buy/add to basket button, and the larger the better.
Have the button stand out more than anything else on the page—you want this to be the buyers next step. This button will take your customers directly to the check out page in order to buy your product.

Listing a price is essential—you have to have this on your product page in order to sell a product. Do some research on similar products and competitors prices before listing your price points. Your listing price should be clear and understandable, because ultimately the consumer will usually already have a price range in mind.

Delivery/Shipping Options
While it may not seem like a very important part to your product detail page, trust me, it is. Adding a “free shipping” option is a huge selling point, ideally you should offer a free shipping option as well as a premium shipping option for a quicker ship time. Make sure to include these options on the page so you are appealing to your customers rationality during the buying process. Shipping can be a huge pain point so make sure your shipping costs may be better than competitors or it is made as simple as it can be.

Product reviews are frequently underestimated by merchants. However, customers typically first look at the product reviews and make the decision to buy based on the amount of stars/average rating each product has, and then compare reviews. Reviews greatly help customers in the buying process and make them feel like they’re not taking a complete and total risk with buying the product.

Gallery Images
Pictures say a thousand words. Show off your product with several photos and several different angles—it’s very important to hit every angle! You don’t want your customers to leave the page because they don’t know what the back or side of your product looks like. Keep the images aesthetically pleasing with a simple backdrop/background.

Product Recommendations
Having product recommendations at the bottom of the page is a great way to sell more product. Giving your customer a list of similar and related items on the screen can entice them to buy more, adding to their cart of items. It’s a plus if you can include a “quick buy” to items at the bottom of the screen so they can simply add them to their product cart without even leaving the page.

Adding fun extras that sets your product page apart from everyone else is a serious game changer and a huge plus. Making images move, spin, adding animations, or even a video showing how to utilize the product is always helpful. People like to see the products come to life, and research shows that adding videos can uplift conversions. Also adding comparisons to other products out on the market, and why yours is the best to buy is a greatselling point. Try and include savingsand promotions of the product, this also leads to more conversion.