Reviews Strategy for Ecommerce

Reviews Strategy for Ecommerce

Before making a purchase, over half the amount of your customers will read and look for reviews on whatever product they may be considering to purchase. This said, it is now essential for ecommerce sites to have reviews in order to satisfy this need, and to further persuade customers in to buying your product with the use of reviews.

However, it may be hard actually getting your customers to take the time to write a review. Here are some strategic ways to ask your customer to write a review following a purchase:

Make it mobile-friendly and easy.

One of the biggest and helpful strategies to getting more reviews is making sure that your reviewing process is simple and mobile friendly. Your customers are essentially doing your business a favor in writing a review because this could help potential buyers. Compose an email that links directly to the reviews page on your site and make sure that the customer does not have to navigate through multiple pages of logging in and click throughs. Have the review page ready in front of them with a simple 5-star rating and comment box. Customers often lose interest when the review process is too long and extensive.

An easy way for you and your business to implement the quickest and and direct way of getting your customers to review the products they purchase is using an app called Yotpo. This app is one of the most popular content marketing apps that is designed for ecommerce stores and retail businesses. Yotpo makes it easy for the company and the user to generate product reviews, as well as it does a great job in converting visitors to buyers. Their secret weapon is their MAP (Mail After Purchase) feature, where they send your customers a direct and personalized email that includes a 5-star rating. comment box, and also upsells your other products in the email for a potential additional purchase.

Ask at the right time.

Usually two weeks after the purchase is a perfect time frame because the customer has had adequate time to use and familiarize themselves with the item. Make sure to send out the email at a prime time of day as well, if you don’t know what this time may be for your specific customers, then testing this out would be a great idea to get the maximum results. Send out emails at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, night) and see when you get the highest open rate. Stick to this time for your future emails.

Reward your customers.

Show your customers some appreciation for their time to write the review and offer something in return. A lot of ecommerce stores will offer coupons for their next purchase when customers give hem reviews. This is a great tactic because 1) you get the customers review and 2) they can also become a repeat customer and come back for an additional purchase with the coupon.

Respond to your customer reviews.

When I see a company personally responding back to their customer reviews, I immediately get a good feeling about the company. In my opinion, and I think most would agree, that it’s a great feeling to see a company respond to most of their reviews—especially the bad ones. It lets the customers know that their input is important and voicing their specific and unique experience with the product will make a difference. This is always appreciated, it shows that your company values customer service and genuinely  cares about the customer even after the sale. The gesture increases customer loyalty and trust because the customers can feel confident that their voices will be heard and listened to.

What else do customer reviews do for your ecommerce business?


Customer reviews are a great way to attract and generate more content for your ecommerce site. Receiving reviews will update your pages with a continuous stream of content which will make your ecommerce store appear higher on Google. Google takes into account how many times your business name is mentioned in reviews, and you will appear higher than those who are not reviewed often. Make sure to keep your reviews on your own site instead of a third part in order to boost your SEO even more!

Increases customer confidence.

When someone visits your ecommerce store for the first time, seeing a plethora of customer reviews ensures a sense of comfort and confidence. It shows them that many other people trust your website and have made purchases from your store before, therefore it is not risky to buy from your site.

Improves your Ecommerce store.

While negative reviews can be daunting, they can also help you tremendously with improving your products or services. Bad reviews give you insight and pinpoints exactly what you need to improve on with your products in order to fix it and potentially revamp the product. You don’t have to consider this for every single bad review you get, but if you are seeing the same things being brought up in poor reviews then it should obviously be a priority of what needs to be improved and get done.