CAG Group Integrates Spree Commerce with

CAG Group Integrates Spree Commerce with

In a project that we will be formally launched and releasing a press release in mid February, Commerce Acceleration Group has integrated Spree Commerce with  This is noteworthy as has made an effort to make their platform more user friendly for the B2C marketer and retailer.  Historically, if a retailer wanted to use as their CRM they would create an Account and an Opportunity with the status of “closed won” in Salesforce to track orders.  Salesforce introduced the order object in 2013 and it is beginning to be widely used as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud looks to pull in ExactTarget offering a suite of functionality for B2C Retailers.

The integration includes…

  • Passing of order information from Spree Commerce to, creating a new order object for each order
  • Creates a new account in Salesforce after checking for duplicate accounts
  • Assigns new order to existing account when applicable
  • Update order statuses to order object as order is processed and shipped

The first iteration is a one way integration and will not include passing of updated shipping tracking information, but CAG will be adding this functionality in mid Q1 2014.

If you have questions on either Spree Commerce or please feel free to reach out.