The Role of Front End Development for Magento

The Role of Front End Development for Magento

With Magento’s ecommerce storefront themes, front end development can play a key role in both design and your website’s overall sales conversion rate. In the article below we’ll walk you through exactly how some of the Magento front end development options work and how they can affect important aspects of your overall website.

In order to customize the Magento design, the storefront has a built-in content rendering system that allows you to view independent layers within the system, allowing for an easy means to change your theme with great ease and efficiency. Front end developers can easily customize any Magento theme, however, some of the skills necessary to make advanced customizations can require higher levels of coding knowledge and experience.

It is quite simple and easy to make sitewide color changes to your website by using what are called cascading style sheets (CSS). By making these changes you can alter the look, feel, layout, and color of various GUI components. For example, images can be replaced completely, or you can make any other cosmetic interface changes that you feel are necessary. All of these changes will, in turn, affect the overall design and layout of your customized Magento theme.

With Magento, you can also make front end changes beyond CSS and image customizations. You can make changes to the HTML that is generated by any of your existing Magento modules. In order to execute this type of change, you will need to possess some basic knowledge of PHP in order to change the PHTML files within the template. While some PHP coding knowledge is needed, you will mostly just be using the copy and paste commands with short PHP fragments within your template files and relocating them to a new template file that contains the changed HTML structure. Again, these changes will affect the overall design of your website.

While we’re just scratching the surface on some of the important front end development features that Magento allows, you should be able to get a general idea of just how easy it is to do and how it only takes a relatively small amount of coding knowledge that can quickly be learned in a short span of time.

When it comes to ecommerce conversion rates, front end development can play an important role in that aspect as well. A website’s overall conversion rate can be dramatically improved by making sitewide template changes through front end development, specifically where purchase buttons and product layout are concerned. How your products are presented on your web pages and where your ecommerce features are located, all play an important role in how visitors to your site view the webpage. It is a well-known fact that product page layouts can dramatically swing your sales conversion rate up or down. With proper front end development available within Magento, you can make sure that any needed changes to your overall product page layout can be quickly altered in order to find out which layout provides the most effective conversion ratio.