Top Shopify Apps: The Top 15 Apps That Every Shopify Retailer Should Be Using

Top Shopify Apps: The Top 15 Apps That Every Shopify Retailer Should Be Using

Over the past few years, Shopify has exploded onto the scene as a mechanism for those with entrepreneurial aspirations to start a successful business. Functionally, Shopify provides a platform where business owners can build an effective website to sell there goods. Just having a website, however, does not guarantee success. Because they have a vested interest in the success of those who use their platform, Shopify provides a number of tools to aid there users in becoming successful business owners. Many of these are located in their app store. What follows is a list of the top Shopify apps, divided into categories, that every business owner using the platform should employ to build their business.


Mailchimp is an app designed for email marketing. It does not require any knowledge of HTML and allows you to put Mailchimp forms on specific pages so that when your customer adds their email for future updates, you are creating a targeted email lists.

The Upsell app is designed to hopefully not let visitors leave without buying something. This is done by producing a pop-up window when a users cursor is detected about to close. The app gives you a number of options as to what to put in the pop-up window. Some of these are coupons, offers of free shipping and gifts.


If your Shopify store sells an item that a customer will use over and over again, such as coffee, then the Recurring Orders app is a must have. It allows customers to subscribe to products and have them automatically ordered at regular intervals. The app has great flexibility, as it allows subscriptions on single items all the way up to full carts. Customers also have the ability to manage the subscription at any time.

InstaBadge is an app the lets business owners add sale badges to products that will catch the attention of visitors to their Shopify store. The app makes it easy to design and load badges in addition to uploading images.

Social Media

Social Login is was created to allow new and existing customers to sign up and log into your store through a social media account. The app supports social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Amazon, and Twitter.

Anything the helps to get the word out about your business is a plus and the Social AutoPilot does just that. When you add new products to your store, the app is triggered automatically to pin and tweet the item on Pinterest and Twitter respectively.

Instagram Shop is the perfect synthesis of business and customers. People visit Instagram all of the time. Having your products there gives them high visibility. The Instagram Shop app takes things one step further by giving those who see your item on Instagram the ability to purchase them there.


Aftership is great app for both customers and Shopify owners. It provides global tracking of orders. The app gives customers and owners the ability to log in and track orders. It is also very flexible because it supports nearly 400 carriers globally.

The Shipping Rates Calculator provides great value to customers. When combined with the geolocater tool, it allows customers the ability to calculate shipping rates automatically.


Oberlo is an amazing app for populating your store with product. Designed to work with Aliexpress, it gives Shopify store owners the ability place orders in only a few clicks. It also provides a means to keep inventory and prices up to date in real time to avoid problems.

Modalyst provides a set of tools all in one place that aids in finding, selling, and dropshipping goods. Like Oberlo, it gives owners to maintain real time inventory levels and easy ordering of product. It also provides a means of communication to dropship suppliers.

The Restock Alerts app gives owners the ability to reach out to customers who missed out on a product because it was out of stock. Shoppers can leave their email so that they can be contacted when inventory levels are flush again.

Customer Service

Customer service is a key component of any successful business. The Help Center app is designed to help owners create relevant FAQs page the is easy to navigate. It also provides the means to accept submission forms.

Loyalty Points is an app designed to reward shoppers for being customers. It gives shoppers the ability to earn points on purchases that can later be used to discount other items.


No business will function well without adequate accounting. Quickbooks should definitely be counted among the must have apps for shopify because it sets the standard for providing easy to use tools to manage and track all aspects of your business’s finances.