Top extensions for Magento 2

Top extensions for Magento 2

Magento is undoubtedly one of the leading open commerce innovations in the current times. Offering a handful of ways to manage your content, not forgetting its advanced search engine optimization, Magento is a marvel craftily designed to take your business to the next level. Magento has been incorporated into use by many branded manufacturers and retailers across the board. Magento is fast growing, and this growth is complemented by the introduction of Magento 2. Its functionality is thereby enhanced by several extensions that enable it to serve in different in full capabilities. Here are the top extensions for Magento 2.

Top 10 Magento 2 extensions.

1. Magento 2 Salesforce CRM integration.

The extension offers CRM functionalities which are essential in maintaining your customers as well as acquiring new ones. It provides automatic synchronization of products, customers, and orders thus saving you possible delays when importing or exporting data. Salesforce extension enables you to manage the customer database efficiently in an error-free manner.

2. Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension.

This extension helps you to create well designed and professionally looking navigation. The navigational structuring is vital to direct your customers on how to purchase the products when they come to your site.

3. Magento 2 Out of Stock Extension.

This extension is useful in helping you notify your customers on the store status including, arrivals, out of stock and prices. Helps you to stay in touch and keep a smooth business flow.

4. One Step Checkout.

The one step checkout improves the customer shopping experience, whereby they can check out faster and efficiently which they highly appreciate. Improving customer experience is a core business value.

5. Magento 2 Help Desk Extension.

This extension saves you a whole lot of hustle. It collects inquiries, requests, offline chat messages, simultaneously forwarding them to appropriate departments avoiding information leakage.

6. Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions.

It has several functionalities which include hiding your price for all commodities, as well replacing add to cart with a customised message. More so, it can conceal price for all categories if needed.

7. Magento 2 Facebook Live chat Extension.

The extension allows you to maintain real-time facebook communication with customers. It offers extensive chat history, and you can easily configure the chat from the backend example by adding like button to the conversation and showing the store profile.

8. Mageworx Advanced Product Options Suite.

Offers full product custom option thus saving you regular product updates. Advanced inventory functionality is a hustle saver simplifying the process of configuring products manually.

9. Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate.

This extension combines several functionalities into one mainly; advanced search, search spell-correct and autocomplete. Ultimately, enhancing user experience in a fast and reliable manner. More so, the extension is designed to offer as much information from the top drop-down to ease the search for your customers.

10. Mageworx SEO Suite.

Outrightly, Magento 2 is SEO friendly, but there is no harm in fine-tuning it. The Mageworx SEO suite has a relatively easy to follow interface. Thus you don’t need expert help to handle your optimisation. The extension highly complements the default SEO functionalities of the platform.

Hoping now you are in the know on which Magento 2 extensions are worthwhile to improve your business operations.