Using Templates to get to Market Quickly

Using Templates to get to Market Quickly

Templates are pre-made websites with different page layouts that are already configured.

With pre-made templates, you get to enjoy the cost effective prices, a quicker start, and the simplicity of it all. However, you do not get to enjoy the luxury of having specific business content and images that you might have imagined for your brand. Templates are a great starting place because it can get a company to market and out the door quickly before making any further investments and it lets you test the market with your business idea. By further investments I’m talking about a fully custom built theme for your website, but the price on this can dive into the thousands. Why? Because you essentially do not have to worry at all about the infrastructure of your business because an industry professional is running the back end of all of the updates, fixing bugs, adding more pages to your site, etc.

How do you know which one is better for you? Here’s a list.

Pre-Made Template

  • Much cheaper — some are even free.
  • Less of a hassle.
  • Does not require any prior technology knowledge.
  • One time buy.
  • Simplistic.
  • Can launch into the market within a few hours.

Custom Built Theme 

  • Takes longer to build up.
  • Support and maintenance is taken care of.
  • More personalization and customization.
  • One of a kind.
  • Never have to worry about the infrastructure of your website.

Choosing between a custom route and using a pre-made template totally depends on your business and where you are at with it. If you are someone who just wants to get your product, idea, or business out there already then a template could be your best friend. If you are someone who does not have to worry about the back end of your website, and you are ready to let your inner creativity soar but don’t have the tech-y knowledge to make it happen, then the custom built route may be best for you.